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How is the user profile page being generated?

  • I’m working with bbPress 2.1 and bbp-theme-compat and some weird stuff is happening with the user profile pages. If I view the profile page of an author or contributor I’m getting the post thumbnail of that user’s latest post at the top of the profile. I’m also getting pagination at the bottom of the profile for some users.

    To further this, I can’t quite find the template file that is being used to generate this page. I would assume it’s using: bbp-theme-compat\extras\single-user.php but within this file is a div with the css class “bbp-single-user”. When searching the source of the outputted profile page I can’t find that class anywhere.

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  • It is just a CSS class for you to add any additional styling in a custom CSS
    .bbp-single-user {
    color: red;

    That’s not quite what I was after. I’m wondering how the profile page is actually being generated. Specifically, which template file controls the overarching layout of the page itself (not the inner elements like subscriptions / topics created / favourites etc)

    John James Jacoby


    Files in the /extras/ folder are not actually used by bbPress’s theme compatibility, and are only there as extra root level templates for people that want to make their own themes.

    Most likely it’s using your page.php as a wrapper, and pulling in the template parts in /bbp-theme-compat/bbpress/user-…

    Perfect, I guess I didn’t understand how the /extras/ folder works. Just what I needed, cheers JJJ



    I figured out how to make a bbpress.phhp template to use as a wrapper and it seems to be working fine except on the profile pages. Any ideas? Here’s an example profile page:

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