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How install bbpress

  • themilitarysuicidereport



    I would like to try this plugin with my blog, but I could not find the ‘add plugin’ option in my wordpress admin section.

    Can you please explain how I can install this, step by step?

    I have already downloaded the bbpress folder to my desktop

    Thank you.

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  • Under plugin option click on Add New

    Then click on upload tab.

    Browse for the zip file.

    Click on upload

    Click on activate.

    The plugin is now activated.

    I have installed bbpress. I download it from the download page and upload to the server. There is an instructions I have to follow for installation. Visit the settings area to customise the installation.




    I cannot locate the plugin option section, so it is impossible to click add new plugin.

    I operate a free blog, could it be this is not an option available to those with a free blog?

    Thanks for all the replies and assistance,

    .ed does not offer bbPress.

    To use bbPress you need to be running WordPress stand alone install (from

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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