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How do I use the users name inline in a URL?

  • When my users log in for the first time I wish to direct them to their in-site E-Mail box so that they can read the Welcome letter I’m having auto generated for every user. The Plugin is Welcome Pack and it gives me the option to redirect the user where ever I like as well but I have a problem.

    In the above scenario HOW do I pull the current users name and put it in there? Is there like %username% or %name% or something that I can use in the spot that will fill in with the current users name?

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  • John James Jacoby


    Wrong website for support. Try over at and ask in the Welcome Pack group forum.

    Well, not really. See there’s smart people here and I was merely using the Welcome Pack as an example. I want to know how to insert the users name into the URL path, that’s actually the question. And since there’s just a few folks here who use WordPress, BuddyPress, and yes bbPress, I really think I’m in the right place to ask smart people questions. :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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