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How do I use the Home page/ Move menu item to footer?

  • locutus1


    I first heard of WordPress only recently. Today, I heard about CSS for the first time. This must give people the ability to customize anything on their site.

    1) I have a page that I set to be the Front page. So in the menu bar I can click Home or I can click the title of the page to load the page. Having Home in the menu bar makes sense but that means I don’t need the title of the page to be there too. How do I remove the page title so the only way to load the page is by clicking Home?

    2) I have a link to a privacy policy in the menu bar. I heard one can put page links in the site’s footer. That makes sense. I want to do that. I found these instructions:
    Create a new menu, “Footer Menu” for example
    Add-in whatever links (pages) are needed there
    Add a widget (called Custom Menu) to a footer widget position (if your current theme supports it)

    I went to Customize and made a menu called Footer. I went to Appearance…Menu and added Privacy Policy to the Footer menu. I went to Appearance…Widgets and found Custom Menu. That’s as far as I got. How do I add custom menu to the “footer widget position”? Maybe my theme doesn’t support it. If I click Custom Menu, I see only “Right Sidebar” and “Add Widget”. If I go to my site, at the bottom I see “2017… Developed by Tamal Anwar”. Is that area at the bottom the footer?


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