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How do I use BB Polls?

  • I just downloaded it and installed it. But how do you use it?

    I click to add a new topic, and when I chose to add poll, theres no Save-button there. Only a Cancel button.

    It only works when I go back to a topic already created, and it asks me if I want to add a poll to the topic. But not while creating the topic! Please fix this.

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  • There’s a setting on the admin page called, “Ask for poll during new topic creation? (requires AJAX on)”… try turning that on? That should do the trick…

    Thats not the problem at all…ugh… I have activated that and clearly I state that it is DURING TOPIC CREATION THIS OCCURS. The save-button is gone there. I can add polls later, but thats too clumsy.

    What version of bbPress are you using? Many plugins aren’t compatible on version 1.0 yet…

    The newest 1.02

    That’s probably your problem with many of your plugin issues. Many plugins are not compatible with version 1.0+, which was released fairly recently.

    If you want to use a lot of plugins, you need to either use version 0.9 or be able to edit the plugins yourself to make sure they are compatible.

    Seems I’m just gonna have to wait for updates then. Hopefully they can be updated from inside the adminpanel, and give me a notice just like WordPress does.

    That plugin was written by _ck_ – she’s stated that she’s not going to update her plugins until bbPress 1.0 has had a chance to settle down… around December or so:

    If you’re in any sort of hurry to use her plugins, your best bet is to use bbPress 0.9.

    Wow, she’s a girl? Impressive.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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