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How do I remove "read more?"

  • MikeJezZ


    Hey guys,

    I have made a test of bbPress on my page here:

    However, as you can see, there is a “read more” (Læs mere in danish) in the bottom of the page, and I have no clue how to remove this? Anyone who can help?

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  • MikeJezZ


    Yeah I know I removed the bbPress plugin, but that was due to it doesnt work as intended for me…

    Can anyone please say how to remove the “read more” in a theme on a bbpress root?

    Robin W


    Not really sure how to answer this given that your link goes to myBB software !

    I’ve not seen a ‘read more’ on a bbpress forum, and it would most likely to be theme related – that is you main theme.

    If you post a link to your bbpress forum, we can see the issue

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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