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How do I move my bbpress location

  • I have installed bbpress under and its working fine along with blog (integrated). I would like to move it to I physically copied the files to the folder and ran it gave an error saying “page not found” and then I commented out my bb-config.php to restart installation. It accepted DB values but in the Step 2 it went to the old location where it was installed So looks like the site path is hard coded in the database how do I address this.

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  • _ck_


    Try putting this into your bb-config.php

    $bb->uri = '';

    I tried that Please see my Intended place. You can see the “No page found” and the tags linking to the location where the forums is currently located within the plugins directory.



    You don’t actually have bbpress installed underneath wordpress do you?

    if so, that’s really not good design

    move it to

    bbPress is not a wordpress plugin, it’s a standalone program

    I saw somewhere you shall run into cookie problem with wordpress authentication if bbpress is not installed as a subfolder under WP. Nevertheless that’s exactly what I want to do and Iam unable to do. I haven’t deleted the installation, I copied the whole bbpress to /forums and tried to re-install bbpress with bb-config commented. It failed in step 2. Thats where Iam. Unfortunately there is no step by step procedure to relocate bbpress.



    The cookies are a different problem, you have to set the cookies to use the root / and not a sub-folder.

    See if it allows you into


    and change the bbPress address (URL)

    The second worked I changed the options from the existing place to /forums. After that showed the posts but the template was not applied, it had a crude look. Now I deleted the bbpress under plugins. Now it doesn’t show up anything. So there seems to be some dependency with the old area. Is that dependency in the Database?



    Are you certain you have bbpress installed under your /forums/ directory?

    Because I am fairly certain you don’t.

    If you did, this would work

    (unless you deleted that file, which is unlikely)

    /forums/ should be at the same level that /blog/ is

    Sorry that was due to some other problem. Now it works without any problem. So the key is to change the URL in the general options and physically relocating the files. Thanks

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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