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How do I make a sidebar like the one in the Forums?

  • I really like the sidebar that appears to the right of a post while you’re viewing it on the forums. Here’s a screen shot of said sidebar:


    I’m a complete noob to bbPress themes. I’ve been able to get my WordPress them modified to work with bbPress, basically by taking a bbPress theme & modifying the stylesheet and pasting code from the WordPress theme into the bbPress files. But I don’t know how to create that sidebar. I figure there have to be functions you can call to do it, but what are they? Where are they?

    Thanks for any help


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  • OK I did a little spelunking, and a lot of what I need is actually already in my theme, just not appearing where I want it. I guess I need to move it into a <div></div> that appears after the thread info & is some how set to appear on the right of the page.

    There are a few things that aren’t in the theme, though, like the RSS feed link. I think the favorites & thread tags form are there, though.

    Time to go searching on google. Though if anyone has any pointers on setting this up so it’s at the top right of my page, under my navigation menu, I would appreciate it.


    Well, I’ve been able to get my theme to look & work the way I want it to. So all’s good.

    I just have to figure out how to get my drop-down menus to work.





    Liz, I deleted your post here since you have another in the other thread which I replied to. Tony has long left the building.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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