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How do I loop through EACH forum?

  • how do i loop through each forum to echo the latest topics for each one seperatly… rather than blast out the entire topics of every forum at once.

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  • I didn’t find how to loop each category if there is such as thing, but I found this solution, its WORKS fine…

    <?php if ( $topics ) : foreach ( $topics as $topic) : ?>
    $doof = $topic->forum_id;
    if ($doof=="1") {
    <p><a href="<?php topic_link(); ?>"><?php topic_title(); ?></a><?php topic_page_links(); ?></p>
    <?php } ?>
    <?php endforeach; endif; ?>

    Still a problem, becuase the above solution spits out all the topics and not only 3 as Required..

    can anyone help, on how to do a FOR loop for this, i dont get how the array $topics works?

    please help.

    • Initialize a variable as zero.
    • Increment it every time you display a topic (every iteration) if the value of variable is less than 3.
    • As soon as it grows >3, breaks out of the loop.

    if you know how to do this please, show me, <?php topic_title(); ?> seems as though it can only be used in a that foreach loop, i cant do a for loop and add ing <?php topic_title(); ?> inside of it.

    Although I havn’t tested it but it should work:

    if ( $topics )
    foreach ( $topics as $topic)
    $doof = $topic->forum_id;
    if ($doof=="1")
    ?> <li><a href="<?php topic_link(); ?>"><?php topic_title(); ?></a> | <?php topic_page_links(); ?></li>
    <?php } } } ?>

    Man you rock!

    thanks a bunch for this.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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