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How do I link a forum up with my website?

  • hummingbirdmeadow


    WordPress version – 3.4.2
    bbPress version – 2.1.3
    Website –

    Alright I am, well, almost completely clueless on how all of this stuff works. I downloaded the WordPress today and the bbPress. My main reason for trying WordPress is because I want to have a forum. I don’t understand, I’ve created a user with both and and I can make my blog with the .com but I downloaded the stuff on the .org. How do I link up the download with my website? Does it require an extensive knowledge of scripting codes (which, as you can tell, I’m not extremely good at)? Thank you!

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  • Anointed

    @anointed = software that they run and allow you to have a blog = download software that you install onto your own web server and manage yourself = plugin for that you install onto your web server once you have WordPress installed and running.

    The 2 WordPress sites have virtually nothing to do with each other, other than the fact that they run the same software. One is a hosted service, and one is software that you run.

    If this part is foreign to you, then yes, sadly you are out of your league and need to do a lot of reading. If you want forums, then there are companies out there that host WordPress sites for you that you can upload your own plugins to such as bbPress. You are pretty much on your own there.

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