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How do I install bbPress to my wordpress?

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    hi, I’m a newbie and I really like bbPress forum but I don’t know how can I install to my wordpress. Some information give advise using FTP such as this information, but the wordpress plugin site give information that the instalation is through the plugin as a normal plugin.

    So I follow the wordpress plugin way and it work, I can see th forum, modify add some forum and topics, but I haven’t had any clue on how I can change the theme or how to add the theme.

    My first question is, did I installed it the right way? and secondly, how I can change the theme? I make a child theme but it didn’t work. My objective is to have my wordpress theme for the posts and as the forum for now I’m hoping to use the static bbPress forum theme.

    I’m truly lost and I don’t know how I can manage to do it? Currently I’m using wordpress 3.5 with leaf theme, and latest bbPress forum bbPress 2.2.3.

    My wordpress is currently in the subdirectory of my main site.

    My website

    My bbPress forum

    Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English.

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    Thanks for the help but still don’t understand how to change the theme. Is there any step by step and example on how to do it. Sorry I’m a plugin user and novice in coding.



    There does not seem to be a step by step manual.

    `To customize bbPress:
    The directory “wp-content/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/” contains the directories “bbpress”, “css”, “extras”, and “js”, and the file “bbpress-functions.php”.

    “bbpress” contains template files; copy any you want to modify into a directory named “bbpress” in your theme’s root. eg. /wp-content/mytheme/bbpress/
    “extras” contains optional page templates and things to make life a little easier when customizing; copy any you want to use or modify into the same ‘bbpress’ folder. eg. /wp-content/mytheme/bbpress/
    “css” contains style sheets; copy any you want to modify into a directory named “css” in your theme’s root. eg. /wp-content/mytheme/css/
    Edit the new files for complete control over bbPress display in your theme.`

    ^ I did all this and the forum stopped working at all. No other option?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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