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How do I get wp_redirect + mod_rewrite to behave?

  • mod_rewrite and wp_redirect don’t seem to like each other. I’m running into problems with the wp_redirect functions in bbPress redirecting the page after the URL has been rewritten, so that the URL changes back to the longer form.

    For example, this mod_rewrite rule:

    RewriteRule ^profile/username forums/profile/username [L]

    will rewrite:


    Except, that after its been rewritten, bbPress forces a redirection via wp_redirect, causing the URL in the browser window to change to the longer form. Any suggestions?

    Commenting out lines 2061 and 2062 in the bbPress functions.php file will stop wp_redirect from redirecting the page.

    if ( $check != $uri && $check != str_replace(urlencode($_original_id), $_original_id, $uri) ) {
    //wp_redirect( $permalink );

    But this breaks authentication, and causes bbPress to think you are not logged in, even if you are.

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