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how do i get WP-post to BBpress-topic..?

  • trueuser


    ok, now im sick of this.. i have tried like 6h to find a plugin or solution of my problem..

    i just want wordpress posts show up as topic in bbpress.

    i tried

    but i get stuck in:

    URL is incorrect or connection error, please verify it (full variant): my-plugins/wordpress-bbpress-syncronization/bbwp-sync.php

    and get

    (Not allowed: [WordPress part] Cannot establish connection to bbPress part)

    even if i put in the full path to bbwp-sync.php and place the files correctly

    i even tried

    but it tells me to find bb-load.php but i cant find it, i even extract the installation zip file and searched for it there but no go..

    i tried

    but i cant find the box, so i cant setup how it gonna work.

    so.. is there any plugin that allows me to create topic in bbpress automatic from wordpress post OR RSS..?

    thanks for reply.

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