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How do I get the Super Sticky Topic to stick to the TOP of each forum?

  • ginaginagina


    I thought this would naturally happen as a super sticky topic. Basically, I want the same message to show up at the top of each forum so that members see it before they start posting (sort of like a “Read this before you get started” pinned topic). However, as soon as I started creating other sub-forums and topics, it got pushed to the bottom of the page, which obviously means a lot of people will miss it entirely.

    How do you get it to stay at the top of each forum as a reminder?

    My forums are all private, so you wouldn’t be able to see it (hence, I’m not adding a URL), but I am including a screenshot.

    Wordpress version: 5.2.2
    bbPress version: 2.5.14
    Screenshot: topic not staying at top of forum page

    Unfortunately, I can’t test a different theme; I just tried in staging to do that and the site broke completely, so I don’t want to test in my live site. However, this doesn’t seem like a theme issue.

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  • John James Jacoby


    You may want to try the latest 2.6 release candidate instead:


    It includes a few changes to how stickies are queried, and may fix this problem for you.



    Is that a beta then? I’m not seeing it in my plugin update area in WP admin; is it generally pretty safe to do the pre-release updates John?



    Any chance that there are developers out there I can pay to help with this? It seems like such a simple fix but I am at a loss and our nonoprofit’s forums are all set up — but completely useless. 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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