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How do I edit the bbPress css

  • Nazaire


    I’m wanting to edit the css of bbPress to tweak the appearance of my forums, specifically the font size. I’m running WordPress 3.5.1, bbPress 2.2.4, and using a twentytwelve-child theme. My forums are at

    I found the “bbPress Custom CSS File” plug-in but according to the description I do not need it.

    ** This plugin is for bbPress 2.1.x. If you are using bbPress 2.0.x please upgrade. If you are using bbPress 2.2, read below.**

    bbPress 2.2+: As of bbPress 2.2 this plugin is NOT needed. bbPress will auto-detect the CSS file if it exists in the right location.

    Copy the CSS file from wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-default/css/bbpress.css to wp-content/themes/[yourtheme]/bbpress.css.

    Following the instructions above I have copied the bbpress.css file from the bbpress plugin’s css folder to “wp-content/themes/twentytwelve-child/bbpress.css”. When I go into the WordPress dashboard under appearance-edit the bbpress.css is available for editing.

    So assuming I have the bbpress.css file in the right place (if I don’t please instruct me where I need to put it for editing), which line of code in the bbpress.css file do I need to edit to change the font size on my forums.

    Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • So I have to apologize. That’s actually my plugin and I had an “oops” in the readme.txt.

    What you did was close, except the CSS file needs to be placed in `yourtheme/css/bbpress.css`.

    Once you move it bbPress should auto detect it. I’ve updated my plugin to reflect the correct path, thanks for pointing that out.




    hi, new to the bbpress forum

    As, I posted here

    I would like to change the font color of the sticky post in bbpress from the light grey to black.

    In the

    I inserted

    .sticky {
    font-color: black;

    and it did not work.

    After researching I stumble across this topic and I’m guessing editing the bbpress.css would be the answer, correct?

    If so, before editing bbpress.css, I would like to make a backup or child theme version.

    So if I’m following your instructions, would it be correct to place the bbpress.css in my /wp-content/themes/bp-default-child/bbpress.css folder or do I have to create a css folder thus placing it in /wp-content/themes/bp-default-child/css/bbpress.css.

    Sorry if I’d got off track, ultimately, I would just like to change the sticky post color from light grey to black in the simplest way possible (without a plugin).

    Any guidance would be helpful




    .sticky { color: black; }

    not font-color.



    Thanks but it is still the same light grey color.

    Nothing changed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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