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How do I debug why is bbpress so slow?

  • johnmontfx


    I’m curious if this is normal — loading up the bbpress templates takes over 4 seconds, as shown in my New Relic traces in this attached image. This is consistent in multiple transaction traces…

    New Relic trace

    bbpress seems to be really a dog for some reason. My system is a Linode 12 core 32GB. That should be more than enough horsepower…

    I’m not caching pages for logged in users, but utilizing xcache and W3 Total Cache for object caching…and CloudFlare for CDN

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  • johnmontfx


    I’ve narrowed this down to the fact that it seems to be an issue with the display of subforums on the main forum index page. We have quite a few subforums so generating the list of forums and subforms takes a long time.

    I can’t easily cache this page because different logged in users see different forums based upon permissions. I would think that some of this would be handled with object caching, but this performance is horrendous compared to our previous vbulletin install. I love many of the features of bbpress, but having users wait four to ten seconds for a page load isn’t a good experience.

    Any suggestions on how I might improve performance (other than not displaying subforums on the home forums page)? I’m using xcache and have W3 Total Cache with object caching enabled.




    Same problem i am facing if get solution plz reply me …

    Hi, Thanks for this detailed test.
    Performance is among the main improvements in 2.6, so if you are in testing phase, could you check that version ?


    This doesn’t seem quite right, what theme are you using? Have you made any custom templates for bbPress and that theme?

    Can you post the URL to your site so I can take a closer look please.



    Hey folks thanks for responding — appreciate you checking in, Stephen E.

    I’m going to do some testing on the live site over the holiday weekend (lower traffic and all) to try and debug this so I have more concrete information. The site is private, but I’m more than happy to provide a login if you’d like to check after I do some more trouble shooting.

    We do have some users with quite a few forums visible on forum home due to how long they have been members. It can be a low of 10 — up to around 80 for our longtime members. The only data we show for each forum on the forum home is the forum name and freshness…

    I’ll report back next week — thanks again for the followups

    Kind of thinking that 80 forums/sub-forums might be the cause… That *is* a lot of forums even for a pretty big site.

    Maybe install these two plugins to help narrow things down:



    Following up with research complete….New Relic is really awesome for this type of stuff.

    It does come down for the most part to the quantity of the forums/sub-forums. Most of the time spent was in the template calls for each sub-forum. However, it also appears a bit of the additional time is due to the Groups plugin which makes the SQL query a bit more complex.

    So I’ve decided to set my home page to be a view of recent topics (which, frankly, is a bit better anyway because it shows more activity of interest) and the performance is going to be much better for members.

    However, one hitch here is that I’d like to have a “forum home-like” page available for view for those that want it. With an additional requirement that it is under the /forums/ URL ‘subdirectory’ (due to various robot rules, etc). In other words, something like /forums/all or /forums/views/all . I can’t use the bbpress shortcode for a page because I can’t put the page under the /forums/ subdirectory. I looked into using views, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

    I’m probably missing something obvious (and I’ve done considerable googling), but it’s not seeming to be as easy as it sounds. Probably should start another thread…

    Thanks again for the insights…

    Following up with research complete….New Relic is really awesome for this type of stuff.

    It is, I’m not using New Relic but am using similar services on various sites

    There are some example views here if that helps

    We have a plan to switch forums from custom post types to a taxonomy in most like 2.7 which will open up all kinds of views…

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