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How can I use PHP to stop spam on my bbPress Forum and WordPress Blog?

  • xarzu


    I have a Forum/Blog that I have been trying to get up and running. Right now I want to tackle the problem of having a huge amount of spam being generated by people — or bots — who are trying to register.

    It is a payed web site (to keep out the riff-raff) and people have to buy a subscription to the site. But, suprisingly, this does not stop my inbox from being flooded by “requests for a username”.

    Here is what my inbox looks like:

    Most of the time, the email addresses in these messages are fake. But sometimes they are not but when I email these persons back, I am ignored. So they really are just spammers looking for a way of posting ad content on my web site for free.

    The Registration page has a CAPTCHA Code required entry field:

    But I wonder if the bots are sophisticated enough to get past that.

    The user has to click on the “I accept the agreements” field but the agreements field clearly tells the user that they have to buy a subscription. If they do not click on that check box they get this:

    One way I want to try to keep from getting all this spam is to make it such that the registration button is inactive until they click on the subscribe button

    How do I go about making that happen?

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