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How Can I Reload My BBpress database Without Losing Members and Posts?

  • honestscott



    Is there some way to reload an older database backup in my BBpress forum without losing new posts and new users between the the last back up and to date?

    I am having problems with a plugin that suddenly stopped working and I was thinking it might be a DB problem.

    I don’t want to lose 4 days worth of posts and new user registrations by reloading an older DB back up.

    Can I just not drop certain tables and save that information while updating everything else?

    If so, could someone explain how to do that to preserve this information?

    I am using BBpress version 1.0.2



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  • Which plugin is it? And have any other plugins or changes been made in the past four days?




    I actually just found out it wasn’t a plug-in problem…but a Gmail problem.

    It seems they have now decided that users do not have unlimited space like they used to offer (practically begged you not to delete your mail), and that was why I wasn’t get my post notification emails.

    I use different Gmail accounts for different things on my forum, and some of my emails were coming so that confused me into believing a plug-in was screwed up maybe because of a DB problem.

    I had this happen on my WP Blog before.

    Anyways thanks for your response, and beware Gmail users go clean your accounts (sent mail) out regularly.

    You can set Gmail to delete your mail after it’s downloaded, but you have to manually delete your sent mail folder.

    They (Gmail) don’t notify you when it’s full (you just stop getting any mail), you have to log in to see the notice, and I use Thunderbird so I hardly ever log into Gmail.

    What a way to start the day…friggen Google.

    Case closed.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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