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how can i define a .mo file for a plugin

  • i translate some plugins and have mo files but i don’t know how to define them to work?!

    i translate 22 bbpress plugins :)

    should i insert them in to the include/language folder?

    with which name or i must create one file and merge whole of them to he one file

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  • Sam Bauers


    I believe the only way to do this is to create one big file containing all the translation strings.

    oh :( this is bad news for me but i will try it

    i think it was much better that each plugin and template had separate and independent language like joomla components

    No! it is not nessecary to merge all files into one file!

    just we need to name the mo files into our main mo file for example fa_IR

    and put each mo file into plugin or template folder and it will be work :)

    Sam Bauers


    Oh OK, good news. Well done.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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