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How can I change the title of the main forum?

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  • Robin W


    If you want help then,

    1. state exactly what you issue is. Which part of the site you give a link to, do you consider is the ‘title of the main forum’ – which words in the site ???
    2. don’t start asking for help by complaining about software that people have written for free and support for free.



    I mean the main page title in meta description:

    <title>Archiwum Fora – Jak usunąć ciążę (tabletki poronne, pigułki wczesnoporonne) –</title>

    I searched all database and all files on the server in search of the first 2 words: “Archiwum Fora” (Forum Archives) and it is nowhere to be found.

    Robin W


    sorry, I only have limited time to work out issues, I cannot see

    <title>Archiwum Fora – Jak usunąć ciążę (tabletki poronne, pigułki wczesnoporonne) –</title>

    anywhere on the page you list, so sorry I cannot help further



    1. Go to Administration > Configuration > Server Settings > General.
    2. Put your new title in the box labeled “Forum Title”.
    3. Select the Save button.

    Note: it is recommended that you do not leave the “Forum Title” box blank.




    In the past, I had the same question, but I didn’t try to find a solution yet.
    I’ll try to continue this thread.

    It’s about the page title for the opening page or index page of the forum, shown in the browser’s title bar. For the topic starter, that title starts with:
    Archiwum Fora
    It’s Polish for “archive forums”.

    For my site, it’s in Dutch:
    Archief forums
    It’s Dutch for “archive forums”.

    It’s the title of the index page of the forum shown by the browser.
    For forums themselves, the browser shows the title of the forum as text in the browser’s title bar. So that’s going well.

    As the forum opening page or index page is live and active, it’s expected to not to see “archive” as title in the browser.

    On my setup, I tried the suggestion of mclegend.
    Administration -> You mean the WordPress Back-End with all the configuration settings?
    For ‘Configuration’, I don’t see ‘Server Settings’, only ‘Settings’ and indeed ‘General’, which points to basic WordPress options / item “Forum Title” is not there.
    There is however a ‘Settings’ with ‘Forums’, and I see forum-related options. eg. Forum root and below the title ‘Single Forum Slugs’, there is ‘forum’, which could be a title, but not labeled that way.
    The setting or word ‘archive’ or Dutch translated variant is on those pages not mentioned.
    I suppose the Dutch (or for topic starter, Polish version) is by using translation file(s) and localized version of the WordPress.
    But it’s not about the translation, it’s about the original ‘archive’ in the title.

    So, question remains:
    How to get rid of the word ‘archive’ in the browser’s title bar for the opening page or index page of the forum, and/or where can we set a title manually?

    Current setup: PHP 7.3.12 / WordPress 5.3.2 / bbPress 2.5.14 and seen on earlier versions of 2.5.x and on the later 2.6.x versions while testing.

    Robin W


    this is theme specific issue, so could be many things.

    you could try

    Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum – Part 1

    item 3 method 2, that might force your theme to use a page name

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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