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Hosting change: impossible to login or register.

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  • chrishajer


    Cookie issues? Have you tried clearing all the cookies?

    Also, there are probably places in the database that have references to file system paths and things like that (I know WordPress does this, for uploads for example.) Maybe there is something in the bbPress tables like that that is preventing it from working correctly?

    What I usually do is search the tables for a string that was unique to my old host (a customer number or something else in the path that is unique) then once I find those records, I do a global search and replace on the whole string.

    Maybe it’s something like that. I don’t think the database dump will just work straight-away on a new host without modification.

    Mmh, I don’t think are cookies; I tried to reinstall everything, after all!

    Thank you, I’ll try to look in the database; anyway, it seems strange to me: it’s the login/registration that doesn’t work – posts and topics are alright.

    I’ll try and then report here!

    Thanks again! ^^



    If you login on the wordpress side does bbPress see the user logged in?

    If not, the cookie hash has probably changed and might need to be forced on both sides.

    This is simple integration right, not full/deep integration?

    BBPress doesn’t see the user logged anyway.

    Mmh, but I reinstalled BBPress, and then it worked right until I’ve uploaded again the old database. So I thought that the cookie hash, if corrupted, was fixed by the reinstall process. Isn’t right?

    Mmh, I integrated users, cookies, everything I found on BBPress installation.



    There are settings that stay in the database.

    For example the “WordPress database secret” is stored in your database settings and would be changed when you restored the db. That will completely affect cookies.

    So double check that it’s still same in WP and bbPress after you restore.

    Oh.. Can you tell me where are this setting in the database?



    The instructions are right under the wordpress integration menu in bbpress

    I’ve solved.

    Listening to _ck_, I’ve worked a little around the settings in the database. I found that some settings are stored in the bb_topicmeta table. There are some records with topic_id “0”. Obviously there are no topics with id 0 – so I deduced that are general settings.

    I’ve just took the values generated by the fresh installation and put them in the old database. Now everything works fine.

    Thank you all for help; particularly to _ck_ that sent me to the right way.

    Bye bye! :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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