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Host changed DB user passwords, now can't connect to database

  • NathalieLussier



    I installed bbpress with deep integration and it was humming along nicely. Then my host went through all the database user passwords and updated them, for security purposes. They had a script to change the .php files for the wordpress installs, but not for bbpress unfortunately.

    First I got “ERROR: Could not establish a database connection” on my bbpress install. I thought, no worries, I just need to update bb-config.php with the new password.

    Problem: I did just that, and it is still giving me the same error.

    Any chance there’s another file that also needs to be updated? Perhaps with the deep integration there’s a second place that I need to change?

    Thank you SO much in advance for your help!

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  • Were you using the same database for bbPress? If yes, then you can get the details from wp-config.php file and just copy over the values



    Hi Ash!

    I did just that. And still getting the same error.

    I think there must be something else wrong, or another place that it needs to be changed?

    database name, username, password & hostname

    These are the only four things you need and since you mention only the username and passwords are changed, this even narrow down.

    Is there a possibility your host changed things for a particular hostname only (that script was intended for your WP hostname only and bbPress is on a different hostname)?

    And since you are using deep integration, I guess it has to do something with the WordPress loading before and conflicting with the bbPress db connection somehow.

    Where is your deep integration line in bb-config.php? Before where bb db settings are defined. right?



    Hey I decided to just scrap everything and re-install…

    That fixed it. But – then I thought I’d be smart and just rename the databases to the new table prefix, and that broke things again.

    So I’m think it’s something to do with the database holding onto to information about the wordpress database… Just my hunch.

    Anyways I ended up just reinstalling and going with it from scratch.

    Thanks for you help! :)

    Ok! In case you just want to check/learn, compare both the bb-config.php files to see what was wrong.



    In the database, there are values stored for where the wp_users table resides (database host, database name, database password, database username). They’re in bb_meta as bb_options. That might be causing your problem.


    How does that will let people switch hosts by just filling up the config file then?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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