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Highlight the first topic and the best answer

  • kelixirr


    Hi, I want to highlight the first topic that the user creates to ask his doubts so that it can stand out from other replies. I tried this code but I don’t know what’s missing here. I could not find the CSS classes for the first topics in their documentation.

    .bbpress-forums .bbp-topics:first-child {
    	background-color: #000;
      font-weight: bold;

    Additionally, I want to highlight the best reply either by changing it’s color or by pinging it to the main topic so that new visitors won’t have to check every other reply. It will be helpful for the new users.

    is there any way I can solve these two issues using css:

    1. Highlight the first issue so that it stands out from the crowd of replies
    2. Highlight or ping the correct/solution contained reply thread so that new visitors won’t have to read everything.

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