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Hide sub-forums at frontpage

  • Alex



    I now this discussion is existing already in a lot of other topics.
    Unfortunately all of the topics are 2-5 years old, most of the pastebin-links are not working anymore and besides this even the structure and the names like front-page.php are not the same anymore like in the old topics.

    I don’t want to show on the frontpage the whole tree of forums, sub-forums and sub-sub-forums.
    Just one level at the same time and when going one level deeper then also only one level.
    I have read already nearly all topics about this on and on Google but as I said there is nothing up to date.

    So: I am using WordPress 3.4.1 with the Skeleton theme and bbPress 2.1.2 and the default theme bbp-theme-compat.

    In which file or files do I have to change what to hide the sub-forums at least from the frontpage or even better at every hierarchy-level?


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