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Hide / style sub-forums list from main forum page

  • Hi,

    being less than a novice with code, I’ve relied on setting up my WP / bbPress site by using plugins. I’ve some experience with css styles, so I’ve tweaked some of the layout to my liking. My problem is that I can’t seem to find how to style the sub-forums list.

    My forum has a hierarchy with 3 levels of forums, and I’d like to only see one level at a time when viewing the main forum page, and the sub-forum pages. Alternatively, the forum overview should be more like it looks from the back-end.

    I’d really wish the plugin-interface would let us tweak some this functionality. Like when creating an index page for the forums using [bbp-forum-index], one could use something like [bbp-forum-index subforums=hide]

    Or have readily assigned css-classes for the sub-forums list to tweak – I haven’t been able to find them, at least :-O

    I would really like to avoid going into the php-code as I unfortunately have no understanding of this. I’ve set up the forums using the 2.1 beta as it almost worked 100% for me, except for this little trick…

    Thanks for any advice and help!

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  • Alex



    I have the same problem that I don’t want to show on the frontpage the whole tree of forums, sub-forums and sub-sub-forums.
    Just one level at the same time and when going one level deeper then also only one level.
    I have read already nearly all topics about this on and on Google.

    Unfortunately all of the topics are 2-5 years old, most of the pastebin-links are not working anymore and besides this even the structure and the names like front-page.php are not the same anymore like in the old topics.

    So: I am using WordPress 3.4.1 with the Skeleton theme and bbPress 2.1.2 and the default theme bbp-theme-compat.

    In which file or files do I have to change what to hide the sub-forums at least from the frontpage or even better at every hierarchy-level?


    same here… anybody an idea?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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