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Hide Email & IP from Moderator Dashboard

  • samtime


    Hi, When a moderator edits a Topic in the WordPress Dashboard, there’s a section near the bottom with the Replies in it. However it also reveals user’s email and IP addresses.

    Forum Replies

    Is there a way to hide the emails and IP’s in this section for moderators?
    I’ve already hidden IP’s on the front end for mods by editing some code related to the loop-single-reply.php (more info here, thank you Robin).

    Or, is there a way to make the Replies box that appears there turned off by default for moderators, under the screen options?
    Screen Options

    Thank you, Sam

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  • samtime


    Okay, found a solution (albeit a little janky):

    1. Go to the Topic and Reply screens in question (or any screen you want to edit), select “Screen Options” in the top right, then check/uncheck the meta-boxes that you want visible/invisible to your moderators (basically set up the screen to look the way you want moderators to see it)

    2. Install the plugIn FV Clone Screen Options

    3. Since FV doesn’t clone Screen Options to subscriber accounts (my moderators have the Subscriber WP role and Moderator bbPress role), temporarily give moderators the Contributor WordPress role.

    4. Now clone the Screen Options you set up in step one to your Moderators with the FV Clone Screen Options plugin

    5. Switch moderators back to the Subscriber WordPress Role

    6. Hide the “Screen Options” tab for Subscriber accounts using the Adminimize plugin (found under the plugin’s Global Options > Screen Options), so moderators can’t make those meta-boxes visible again

    Bit of a workaround, but seems to have worked.
    Only issue is that I will have to remember do this process for any new moderator that gets appointed.

    All the best, stay FUNKY!

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