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  • Hi,

    I am not a bbPress forum owner. I am a member user. For a while I was able to post to that forum. I had uploaded my avatar and all was fine. Then about a month ago I noticed that my posts weren’t showing. I could see them when I was logged in. But when I wasn’t logged in, my posts were not displayed. I could tell that no one else was seeing them since a post asking folks to respond did not see any action.

    I’ve tested this on multiple computers, on multiple networks and on multiple browsers. I’ve also tested by creating a new account. Same problem every time.

    I have also noticed that when I am logged in and try to change my Avatar, I get the bbPress notice saying that I “don’t have permission to upload an avatar for this user”.

    I have emailed the owners of the forum to no avail. So I am now turning to you all for help. Any idea on what I can do to be able to post again?


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