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Hidden Forum function help…

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  • I’m not following the question… sorry! Could you maybe give an example of how you’d like the forum to work?



    Oper hidden-forums.php. Line 29:

    $hidden_forums['label']="This is a hidden forum ";

    zaerl, that will show only on the title correct? I want an addition to that.

    I was thinking if forum=hidden then echo…. (I don’t know how to write that)

    example: The default label for a hidden forum is “[H]” so I will use that.

    [H] Installation — Getting it up and running – This is a Hidden Forum



    Gerikg actually the “label” can be seen only by those users that can actually see the forum. Other users don’t see the label cause… they don’t see the forum. I don’t understand why you want such a feature. An example. Imagine that we have two forums. The first one is called “Zaerl” and the second is called “is a nice guy”. Suppose that we hide the forum “Zaerl” to all users except the Key Master. If the Key Master log in he see:

    1. [H] Zaerl
    2. is a nice guy

    if anyone else log in:

    1. is a nice guy

    this is the right way of doing things. The “label” is only a useful hint for the admin/mod.

    Sorry I was trying to explain it without full explanation or linking to my test site.

    I’m trying to imitate the buddypress default theme for bbpress. They have a button under title called Public Group. You can see an example here in blue.

    I wanted to do the same in my bbpress theme that the button says Public Forum or Hidden Forum depending on what it is. Does this make sense now?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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