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Here's a plugin to explore tag history by user or topic (or tag)

  • _ck_


    I noticed this morning it’s tricky in bbpress to figure out who tagged what, when.

    So now this plugin will help admin explore how those tags got there or if spammers have snuck in any stray tags.

    Install, activate and look under the Manage menu.

    Click on the numbers next to the items to “drill down” on those tags.

    Let me know if you have feature ideas or find bugs.

    okay it’s on the SVN now with a couple of tweaks/fixes

    so you can get it from there

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  • _ck_


    I’ve now added experimental support for bbPress 1.x

    starting with version 0.0.4

    Looking for feedback from those running a realworld, robust 1.x setup as I only have a test install.

    Personally I also think it looks better in 0.9 but that’s just me.

    It cannot damage anything during testing as it’s a read-only kind of plugin (for now).

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