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help wp 4.1.1 bbpress 2.5.6 buddypress 2.2.1

  • mrbrooks89


    1,i have several problems atm i am using bbpress and buddypress one i have a random yellow block on my forum page

    2, my topics show up under all parents ie lexmoto adrenaline show stay under lexmoto adrenaline and not show up under all category

    3, This forum contains 1 topic, and was last updated by Profile photo of ADMINB ADMINB 1 day, 16 hours ago. want this removed

    i have tried changing themes and also pluging im no good at messing around in code noobie here
    thanks 🙂

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  • Robin W



    1. I can’t see this
    2. I can’t see this
    3. I can’t see this

    If you have fixed these issues, it would have been nice to come back and save me spending tnme looking
    If you have not fixed these issues, can you please post via photobucket (or similar) pictures of the issues

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