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  • _sushi


    I am having a bit of trouble integrating my WooTheme “canvas” with bbpress. I have read the “Theme Compatibility” article. I understand what it says but i am not sure when looking at the template PHP files that comes with bbpress where in my code i need to put the template code, and which part of the bbpress template code to use.

    I also switched to the “TwentyEleven” theme and it worked fine. I tried comparing the WooTheme code to TwentyEleven using Firebug, and i can see there is an obvious difference in the code. But i am lost as to what to change.

    I have setup all the correct settings in the Dashboard area.

    Any help would would be greatly appreciated.
    I am using WordPress 3.5.1
    and bbpress Version 2.3.2

    EDIT: I am having a bit of trouble with too much website traffic shutting my site down when i post the page address. So maybe if someone can point me in the direction of more info on intergrating bbpress with different themes. As stated above i have read the Theme compatibility article.

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