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Help with Reply display problem

  • Sama Web


    As of the most recent update to bbpress, my forums have broken. The topic displays in full, but all replies show one and half lines and then get cut off, including the avatar. You can see an example below. I need to know what I can edit to get this back again. If I switch from the theme-compatibility to the other available theme, I get my replies back, but it doesn’t integrate well with my current theme. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I also note that even here on this create new topic page is doing some funky things. I can’t see my entire text that I’m writing and I also can’t see the button that allows me to post. I assume I will just alt tab and hit enter in order to make this work.

    A screen shot of the problems I'm having with reply display

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  • Sama Web

    @sinamaorg gave a solution to the problem that I am pretty sure worked. However, I just want to note that the issue still exists and help anyone that might be having this problem.

    If your replies are being covered up like the picture above, you can fix it by adding the following comment into your bbpress.css file (wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/css/bbpress.css):

    #bbpress-forums div.reply {
    height: auto;

    As with the author of this bug request, I am also using custom-community.

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