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Help with optimising an imported 60k post forum

  • Jamie


    Hi there,

    I have been reading through the forums, and can’t find anything for more recent versions so was wondering if I could request some help.

    I am working on a project called, a 12 year old site. We recently ported over their old, bespoke CMS into WordPress, and the our forums which were on phpbb after paying cms2cms which did a great job.

    The forum has 60,000 posts among several thousand threads and two thousand users. Our server is woefully underresourced, and the site is crashing when bbpress is enabled. So we have it disabled, and are just organising to get a better server with more cpu’s, tons of ram and space.

    I was wondering what else we can do to help reduce the load? Is there some way that we can mass archive parts of the forum, or other tactics to help make things run a little better?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



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  • clayj


    I’ve got a similar problem and came across your post when searching for help. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks!

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