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Help with multiple issues (notifications, pin to top, PMs, search functions, etc

  • storyminded


    Hi there,

    We’re having quite a few issues with bbPress we’re hoping someone here can help us solve. We’ve mined the forums ourselves and tried a number of fixes and plugins to no avail. We’re working with WordPress 4.6.1 and bbPress 2.5.10. Unfortunately I can’t share a link to the forum (it’s available by login only). Any and all thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

    The main features we are having trouble with include:

    1) getting the subscribe/notifications settings to work (this has been the biggest headache, we have installed the Postmark and AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions plugins and neither have helped)
    2) having the ability to keep selected posts at the top of the discussion threads (the Sticky pr “pin to top” function)
    3) Allowing formatting on the images that are posted in the forum
    4) Sending private messages through the forum
    5) Having a search function within the forum

    Can anyone suggest some good resources for us to figure out how to best install these features?

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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