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help with installation please–did I put bbpress in correct place?

  • wp.rook


    – I put BBPress into a folder called /forum off of the root.

    – WordPress is on the root.

    I am trying to use the same database to install BBpress into as WordPress.

    I’ve checked with host and my DB name, username, password are all correct. I’ve also copy pasted the DB Host into the advanced settings field.

    I still get a msg back that there was a problem connecting to the database. Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is I’ve installed in a folder that I shouldn’t have? Or I need to specify a path or something?

    any help is much appreciated! :)

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  • chrishajer


    My guess is that you need to enter a host where the database lives, and you haven’t done that in bbPress. What are the connection details from wp-config.php? There should be four of them:

    database name

    database user name

    database user password

    database host

    If you have something set for database host for wp-config.php and WordPress, you will need to give that same information to bbPress. There is a checkbox at the bottom of the fields for database details that says “advanced settings” or something like that. Clicking that reveals the place where you enter the host.

    If it’s not that, then did you have something wrong. Did you edit the bb-config.php directly or use the installer? If you edited bb-config.php, be sure you changed the name of the constants from WP specific ones to BB specific ones.

    Connecting to the database has nothing to do with a path or folder, and the way you installed it will be fine when you integrate.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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