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Help with bbpress Install

  • BelleO


    Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for your help,

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my root forum page to show properly

    This is my site:

    I have created a page title forum and inserted the code [bbp-forum-index],
    when i go the forum page, it works fine but in the breadcrumbs, the root page shows up incorrectly. I have tried changing the page name but that doesn’t work. Can someone help please! thanks

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  • Maybe try making a copy of your themes page.php or page-no-sidebar.php or page-sidebar.php depending on the type of template you want your forums to display with and rename the file to bbpress.php in the root of your themes folder.



    Hi Stephen, I have tried that and it is not working. I am also having the issue on another blog with a different theme. Any other suggestions?

    Robin W


    If I understand you correctly – the breadcrumb is showing


    Presume you want something else other than shop?

    The problem is that the shop page is your home page – ie if you just have – the shop page is where you land

    In essence you need to change where your wordpress site starts from (probably in your theme), and then the forum will go there.



    Hi Robin, the problem is the forum root or home link in the breadcrumb. It does not show the table with list of categories but instead looks like a blog post like this:

    How do I change this or completely remove the forum root from the breadcrumb. Thank you!

    Robin W


    I’m afraid that I am a bit lost, because I’m not sure what you are showing me under this link.

    However if you want to remove parts of the breadcrumb you can add a function to your functions file


    function mycustom_breadcrumb_options() {
    	// Home - default = true
    	$args['include_home']    = false;
    	// Forum root - default = true
    	$args['include_root']    = false;
    	// Current - default = true
    	$args['include_current'] = true;
    	return $args;
    add_filter('bbp_before_get_breadcrumb_parse_args', 'mycustom_breadcrumb_options' );

    If you want to lose the breadcrumb all together you can use

    function bm_bbp_no_breadcrumb ($param) {
    return true;
    add_filter ('bbp_no_breadcrumb', 'bm_bbp_no_breadcrumb');

    Otherwise come back and explain a bit further about what your link is taking me to eg is this a page and what is the content of that page

    It looks like you have a page at

    When viewing a topic or forum eg:

    The breadcrumb link is pointing to /forum

    It looks like you have your ‘Forums Prefix’ and ‘Single Forum Slugs’ around the wrong way.

    Use forums as your forum prefix (the same as your forums page)

    Use forum as the single forum slug.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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