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help with bbpress and my theme

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    my site for reference is

    I have a few questions on the way bbpress is looking with my theme, hopefully someone can help.

    the first thing is that i want to stop it from listing the topics underneath the category before you actually go into that category. You can see on the main forum page it has 3 categories (your orders, window film, and website) and underneath each one it is listing the forums in that category. any way to make this go away?

    second thing is that if you create a topic and using the fancy editor on “visual” you cannot see what you are typing because it has assumed the same color background as my theme with the text remaining black. if you use the editor on “html” then it goes white and you can now see the text. UPDATE: I disabled the fancy editor because of this problem and now when I try to re enable it, it does not work. I have disable any caching plugins and cleared my browsers cache and it is not showing the fancy editor any more.

    The easiest thing I suppose i need to do is change the text color in the bbpress forum only to black. Currently it is like a grey color making it difficult to see on the white forum background.

    I would appreciate any help and thank you in advance.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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