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Help on installation and wpress integration

  • ratracegrad


    I am helping a friend get bbpress installed with his wordpress site at and

    I have it installed. I have added a link on home page to get to the forums.

    My wordpress integration seems to not be working. He has an admin account on wpress that is not recognized on the forums. I created an default admin account in the bbpress installation. That account is not recognized when logon to wpress. The wp_config file does not have a $table entry so wondering if that is my downfall on the integration.

    Next question is how to get the header and look and feel of wpress site to carry over to the forum? I want at least the logo at top and the navigation menus.

    Thanks for help on these 2 issues. I am sure I will have more as I work on this site for my friend. Thanks in advance for all of the assistance.


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  • chrishajer


    You need to use a table prefix for the database for integration between WordPress and bbPress to work. I’m not sure how to get around that now that you are already using WordPress without a table prefix.

    One question per topic please.

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