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help for a novice

  • Gday

    sorry i am so lost not sure if i post this here? im trying to use the bbpress to create a water, sanitation and hygiene forum in the Solomon Islands.

    i have trawled through this forum and the web but no luck. Internet is really slow here so it takes me literally hours!

    I had a blog at .org ( So I transferred my blog over and installed the bbpress plugin. I am not confident to do the theme thingo with the .css and child theme so am using the stock bbpress theme. what i want to do is make it single column. i can do it with the home page/about. but when i do it for the blog and forum i get a sidebar with widgets. i have disabled these but they still appear? i moved the other widgets down the bottom and they work okay.

    1. how do i make the blog single column. (or is there any bbpress compatible themes with wide single column?)

    2. how do i get rid of these widgets? (search, archives, meta) they aren’t in the appearance panel?



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