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Help Adding Shortcode To Top Of Forum? Or Another Way?

  • johnsantina


    Hi everyone,

    I started a gaming website and to my surprise it isn’t doing too badly. I’m hoping to grow a community around it, but am really struggling to get everything right.

    I’ve managed to get my forum posts to replace comments:

    8 Wonderful Christmas Presents For Zelda Fans

    I’ve installed a Plugin to put Register/Login/Forgot at the top of the forum, which works very well, and shows on the main forum pages too:

    Now, my problem is I also want to offer the option to login with social media, rather than filling in all details, etc. I’ve successfully found and fully installed/integrated a widget to do this, which fits into the sidebar perfectly. However, I’d also like this to display in the top right hand corner of the forum (on every sub-forum and topic), so that people can see that they can comment on my posts (and, thus post in the forum) very easily.

    Is it possible for me to add this to my forum? I have a shortcode for the widget and have put it into pages etc, but I cannot figure out how to have it automatically added to every page/topic in my forum.

    Thank you for your help.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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