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Help a Newbie identify what is making bbpress run slow

  • aktionj33


    I just started designing websites literally a week ago. I have been reading as much as I can to try to get up to speed. But this one is confusing. So I have decided to reach out to the experts!

    1. Why does bbpress eat up so much resources on P3 plugin performance compared to my other plugins? Usually its responsible for .4-1 second of page load time on its own. Its a much bigger slice than the others.

    2. Is there some kind of setting in bbpress that can improve this?

    3. How would I go about hosting bbpress on another server and embedding it on my site?

    I am using WP Super Cache if that matters. It does seem to speed it up.

    My Site:

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  • rossagrant


    I too would love to know if I can speed up my forums in buddypress.

    I use regular site wide forums and the actual loading of the pages of the forums is great.

    The sluggishness comes when posting an actual reply or topic.

    Does anyone know if the number of voices in a thread, number of subscribers to it should have adverse affects on load time?

    I have one topic that has 77 voices in it and quite a few may be subscribed. It takes about 7 seconds to submit a reply after hitting post.

    Is that normal?

    Strange thing is, is that even starting a new topic from scratch is slooowww too.

    Has there been any changes to bbpress lately that will cause this? I don’t think it used to seem so sluggish.



    Saying that though, submitting replies here on this site is pretty snappy!

    Anything we can do to streamline our own sites?

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