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Help, 404 Errors, Using a bbpress/buddypress Theme

  • gdelle


    Im hoping someone can help… Im using bbpress/buddypress theme and my support is not helping at the moment. They have a 24-48 hour window..

    Half the site is 404 errors. My theme uses/recommenced rtmedia, I updated it and all went wacky. Only thing working Is the forums!

    Now I had many plugins going but shut Every single one down except bbpress/buddypress. Even required theme plugins. Ive even deleted 90% of them and still cant fix the issue…

    I know this is not my ‘support’ Im just at wits end and cant fix it, Im reaching out hoping someone can help… I can pay. We have 200+ members, while not a lot its a lot for us as we are so new.

    We’ve been half down for about 8 hours now…

    Its an adult content site so I dont know if I can/should post a link here… I can give admin, etc.

    This is the theme Im using.

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  • gdelle


    Sheesh forgot to add, its my pages that are not working and the blog. All pages 404 except the forum, it did at first but created a new page and got it to work.

    I tried creating fresh pages, etc and still 404s for everything else…

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