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headers already sent error – no wp-admin access

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  • chrishajer


    What did line 80 of wp-config.php look like, and how about the line just before that? Also, what version of WordPress so someone can check their wp-config.php and see what that might be.



    Both were downloaded yesterday, so the version would be… most current.

    Just moved the site from a WPMU to stand-alone. All functioning perfectly after editing and restoring from WPMU SQL before going on to add the bbpress. I did get the bbpress working perfectly before deciding to change from to so maybe there was residual info left from the first install, even though I dumped all tables and bbpress wares.

    I didn’t consider restoring/refreshing WP before re-installing the bbpress. This may be where the issue occurred. I will refresh all WP files then try again.

    I looked at my wp-config but lines aren’t numbered so I’ll have to count to 80, I’m on lunch break… thanks for the reply. I will look into detailed info when I get home tonight. I didn’t know that bbpress would alter the wp php files… except to create .htaccess and bb_config

    thanks again. and no worries… I’m sure a freshy will fix it… cause it’s got to be on my end, not the software.

    btw: when i added the define cookies text from the bb configuration/integration settings page to my wp-config.php, the text I added showed at the top of my site… (an error)



    solved by refreshing wp files.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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