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Having trouble on the WP Forum

  • thewebscaper


    Short version, since this probably isn’t going to work…

    On the forum support site, I have tried repeatedly today to post a new topic. The topic seems to post. It shows up in my Profile page as having posted. Yet if I try to reply to my own post, it says the topic has been closed. And if I log out of my forum account, and browse the forum, I discover my posts are not showing up for the world to see.

    I upgraded to 2.8 today, is this the problem?

    I really, really need support for a WP issue, and the only place I can get it is by posting to the WP forum, so it’s a big, big problem that I can’t post.

    I even tried creating a brand new user account on forums, and the exact same thing happened.

    Please help. Or at least let me know if you were able to read this message.

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  • chrishajer


    I bet you’re being marked as spam by Akismet – that’s what happened here until I rescued your post. Try creating an account without creating a profile link to your website.

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