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Having a problem with bbpress forums and buddypress groups

  • Faramarz



    I am having a problem with bbpress forums and buddypress groups. I have activated bbpress and buddypress on a sub-site on my sub-domain ( In bbpress settings, I selected the checkbox “Allow BuddyPress Groups to have their own forums”. Now in buddypress when I am creating a group, in step 3, I should be able to select a checkbox (Yes, I want this group to have a forum.) to enable forum feature for my group, but for some reason the checkbox is not showing up and I cannot proceed by clicking “Next Step” button. I am using the latest version of BP (1.8), bbpress 2.3.2 and WP 3.5.2. The same setting works just fine on my local XAMPP but it doesn’t work on production server.

    Here are some screenshots, this is how step 3 looks now:

    And this is how it should be (local is fine):

    After this error, when I click on my groups, I can see the group is created with no avatar (because I never got to step 4) and when I click on the group and go to Admin > Forum > Now I see the check box but when I enable it and then select one of my forums from the dropdown and click save, I get this error “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

    When I check my error_log file, I get this error:

    [28-Jul-2013 22:51:11] PHP Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/extend/buddypress/group.php on line 461

    I followed these instructions step by step to create a sitewide forum and forum for my buddypress groups:

    Does anyone have the same issue with buddypress?


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