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Have a look at my site: Deep integration is working partly but some CSS trouble remains?

  • raumgleiter



    With the help of a lot of posts about this topic on this forum I was able to come to a point where I have useres between Wp and BB integrated and I also started the deep integration of WP template and BB press on a test site here:

    I added code to my bbpress config to be able to call wordpress functions. Then I copied over the Wp header.php from my wordpress theme into the bbpress theme folder (hope that was right). Now what you see on the above link is the result so far. still got quite a bit of problems I guess. The CSS of the forum seems to be not available so ….

    I am wondering this: What do i do with the CSS files… At the moment I am loading the CSS file from wordpress theme but also the CSS file from the bb press theme…. Of course that doesn’t work 100% as you can see but what should i do? How can you have the CSS for both the Wp and BB theme integrated to work together?

    BTW: In case this is important I am using the bbpress forum theme (the one that mimics the look of the bbpress forum, the one right here).

    I know this goes a bit already into a CSS problem, not specifically BB press anymore but I was hoping some of you might be able to point me into the right direction looking at what I got so far.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • You pulled the WP header that pulls the WP css but you have nothing that pulls the BB css that makes the tables.

    Instead of pulling the WP header you can mimic the header in BB’s header. then just pull the WP css that is necessary for the header, footer, and some musc to look the same.

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