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Guide for the novice end user

  • Murphy233


    I run a web site for the benefit of oldsters – over 65 with some in their eighties.For their benefit I need a very simple but complete guide on how to use the Forum, how to submit topics, how to look for responses etc etc I see that you have excellent and well written explanations for those seeing up and administering forum, but little or nothing for the old duffers who can benefit from a forum
    For example a topic might be on how to set up a conversation about pen pals

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  • Robin W


    as the software is free, it relies on the community to write guides etc.

    If you write such guides, please come back, and I’ll happily add them to the documentation for the benefit of others



    I realize that end user manuals are the responsibility of the community I had hoped that someone else might have seen that need and solved it. I myself as a brand new novice to bbPress am hardly qualified. Not only that but it will add several weeks to launch date

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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