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Guide for making bbpress not so unusably slow ?

  • eternal noob


    Hi all.

    What can be done to get bbpress page load faster ? What are best practices ? Is there a tutorial I have missed ?

    It appears as if I have a redirection-problem, where my browser is stalling ?
    Is there still a gravatar-issue where I have to remove some code for speed optimization ?
    What ressources can be cached with htaccess or otherwise ?
    And so on …. ?

    BBpress is really looking better and better and the bbpress-for-wordpress-comments in 2.6 feature would be quite a fix for wordpress which doesnt even have an edit feature for commenteers. I like how things have gone so far. But seriously – SPEED, SPEED, SPEED.

    I am definately no coder just an annoying end-user. But it is simply not decent for such a relatively simple set of functionalities to be so slow as it appears to me. I simply cannot annoy forum members with such page loads and also making wordpress load slower with bbpress installed.

    What is a boy to do if he really would like to use bbpress ?

    Thanks for anything.

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  • Lynqoid


    gtmetrix could help. Run your site through there and see what score you get. anything 85+ is probably useable.

    bbPress 2.6 is also focusing on performance issues that we have found and will improve it’s performance, personally I don’t find it very slow at all, look at this site for a perfect example, that said we have found a few tweaks.

    John James Jacoby


    bbPress does perform some elaborate queries which can make things feel slow, especially on sites with many thousands of topics and replies. Installing a caching plugin for WordPress will help, as well as any general PHP performance tuning on the server side.

    eternal noob


    Thank you all.

    : Well, gtmetrix did point to something in the right direction, but didnt really speed up the site. But thanks.

    : Thanks. Looking forward to 2.6 and hoping – but it is really slow in my setup. Simply would not be useable. Although I plan to use quick cache for not-logged in users ….. Logged-in users would still be experiencing the slowness.

    @johnjamesjocaby: My browser seems to go back and forth and being redirected … ? As I recall – this has been discussed earlier ….. ?

    But to my question – Is there a guide for speeding it up ? Recommendations regarding htaccess etc ?

    Thank you all.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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