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Guidance for Quarterly Cohort Hierarchy

  • pelokee


    Hi –

    I’m setting up a member site using MemberPress and bbpress (and I’m assuming eventually BuddyPress may get involved) and I’m struggling in my thinking about its hierarchy so I figured I’d ask those who have walked this path before me!

    I’m building a coaching website where we’d like to build a community of clients as FaceBook isn’t cutting it. There will be some free content (open discussion), paid content (which could include access-based community discussion), and [this is where my real question lies] quarterly class schedules that we’d like to have only members of each quarter’s cohorts – so, there are 10 people in the Q4 cohort and those 10 are the only members that will ever get access to those materials/discussion threads. Then the Q1 class starts so we need another area for those folks…rinse and repeat every quarter.

    Do I want to create all separate forums for this – Free, Paid, Q4, Q1, Q2, Q3, etc….OR is something like a single Cohorts FORUM with Q4, Q1, etc. being TOPICS under that forum? Or even something else like the use of Categories or Tags – this is where my lack of experience is tripping me up!

    I appreciate any guidance you have!

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  • Robin W


    I don’t know enough about memberpress, but if it lets you restrict forums to particular groups, then yes I’d suggest you set forums for each group, as then you will know who is seeing what.



    Thanks for the reply. MemberPress does allow that restriction. I’m trying to tap the collective experience to determine whether I create a new forum for each cohort, or take another hierarchical approach to it like a parent forum that everyone can access with child forums below that only a specific cohort can access. OR, if this is better done with Topics under a single forum.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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