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Group page empty in bbPress

  • Weaper


    I’m making the big jump to bring my community from SMF to bbPress and everything was going well until I had to create the Groups.

    First things first:
    – WP version: 3.5.2
    – bbPress version: 2.3.2
    – site:

    So, for a couple days already I was looking on google trying to find what plugin was in charge of groups in bbPress and ended up finding this tutorial:
    That’s when, to my surprise, I found out that the Group page was in fact not empty!

    About the installation, I followed every steps from the video (whom I, in fact, already did previously by myself when installing bbPress the first time) but still no way to get the Groups page.

    Any idea as to where I could’ve messed up? or maybe simply forgot something?
    Thanks a lot.

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  • Weaper


    Just to say that I believe it’s coming from Buddypress itself more then bbPress.
    All of Buddypress pages are empty (Activity, groups, etc…)

    I’ll look that way but if anyone know the issue, feel free to help.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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